{Useful Tips} How to choose the type and style of your ideal wedding

Wedding Style: which one is yours?

When it comes to style, it can go from folk to classic, going through vintage, rustic, boho, modern, romantic, minimalist, themed or tropical industrial. Today we’ll show you them all!

You will definitely find one (or two, or three) looks you just love. It’s okay to combine more than one. Just so you can have an idea of ​​how it is okay to combine everything, you can have an industrial wedding in the city, an elopement on the beach, a home wedding in the countryside or a modern mini wedding, for example. Wedding consultants and decorators are there to make your dream come true, whatever it may be!

The style of the wedding is the first step to be taken after choosing the location of the ceremony and party, as it will serve as a guide, the theme for all items and details of the wedding.

We know how laborious it can be to select so many inspirations and trends that look great!

-> Pencil Tip: the personality of the bride and groom must always be present and be reflected in the style of the wedding.

Types of wedding

Wedding in the countryside

Country weddings are a darling here in Pencil. Brides love it and so do we! Not for less, right? Saying YES in daylight, close to nature, with birds singing, enjoying contact with family and friends for longer, watching the sunset with a blue sky in the background and wonderful photos with inspiring scenarios is very romantic! Lorena and Junia tell everything about weddings in the countryside in this video here, on our YouTube channel.

In addition to the magnificent farms, we are seeing many grooms looking for special outdoor corners such as ruins, bridges, or mountain tops, which provide unforgettable moments. Our pinter paste is full of bonus inspirations, come on!

You just need to remember whether these rural areas and old buildings may need to be transformed into an appropriate place for parties. The logistics for these weddings are different and there are factors that cannot be controlled, such as the weather, for example.

Give a hello here  that has everything you need to know to have a wedding in the countryside! Enjoy and be inspired by beautiful weddings in the countryside that have already passed through the blog.

Beach Wedding

Sand, sun, and noise from the sea: a perfect recipe for a beach wedding full of good energy! They can happen either with a foot in the sand, in a wooden structure facing the sea, or on the deck of party space, such as hotels or restaurants in coastal cities. Check out our tips and inspirations for a beach wedding in this amazing video.

The beach is the perfect setting for the more relaxed grooms, who like the ocean, feel the foot in the sand, and a gentle breeze. It is important to remember that the sea is the star of the party. The decoration should be designed to let the sea and the blue sky invade the party, here are some inspirations. Now, as in any outdoor wedding, you need to follow some basic rules so that problems such as time, climate, temperature, etc., do not disturb the day, okay?

Outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are a must-have, no matter if it is in the countryside, on the beach, in the garden at home or in an urban center. Getting married outdoors has the advantage of an exuberant backdrop: contact with nature, the blue sky, and clouds, or if the bride and groom opt for an urban wedding; all the architecture of the city, the concrete, the graffiti walls and the streets of the metropolises. This option is perfect for grooms who want to make the union official in a more relaxed and charming ceremony, running away from traditional protocols.

Urban wedding

For newlyweds who identify with urban culture, the best tip we have to give for your urban wedding is to enjoy all the good that the city offers. What is not lacking in large and small cities are gastronomic novelties – like food trucks, candy carts, different desserts, and have very inspiring scenarios: old houses full of history, charming restaurants, and intimate bistros for all kinds of ceremonies.

There are more and more couples who prefer more intimate, simple, modern ceremonies and in more unusual spaces, in central locations in cities. Getting married in the city has some advantages: the bride and groom and guests are within their comfort zone. It is easier to plan and organize and suppliers are all close by.

Here at Pencil, you have everything you need to know to make an urban wedding! Get inspired by beautiful weddings in the city, in buffets, restaurants, and bistros that have already been on the blog.

Elopement Wedding

Elopement wedding is a wedding style that we love here at Pencil because it is the most intimate and romantic of weddings, a moment only for the bride and groom. It happens when the couple chooses to travel to say YES without the presence of guests. This does not mean that you cannot invite anyone, but the guests will be only a few members of the family (father, mother, and siblings) and a friend who is very close. Remember a little destination wedding, right?

The word  Elope in English means to run away from somewhere and not return to your point of origin. She appeared in 1338 defining the act of a woman abandoning her marriage to escape with her lover. This definition took hold until 1800 when it came to mean the act of a couple fleeing to get married. Just take a look at these inspirations, they are wonderful! If we had to make a translation into our language, we could say that it is a marriage for two. Lorena explains exactly what is in this video on the YouTube channel.

This style of ceremony combines well with different types of couples: lovers who want an intimate and romantic ceremony, divorcees who want to remarry in less traditional ceremonies, or couples who end up opting for this format because of a limited budget.