What it is and why choose a second hand or vintage wedding dress?

Finding the dream wedding dress is finding an outfit to improve and reflect the person who wears it, no matter if they are new or if they already have a little more history. A second-hand wedding dress can be more economical, special and environmentally friendly.

Second-hand wedding dress, is it worth it?

Most of us would not think twice about borrowing, renting, or buying almost anything. Think about it: don’t you borrow a book or bag or rent a car?

Often cheaper, always more environmentally friendly, and full of stories, we are more than used to renting a beach house or receiving a wedding ring from a woman dear to the family, especially in recent years when several online platforms have made it easier than that we never share it all.

But when it comes to a second-hand wedding dress, opinion is divided. Not all brides see this option as a means of making their dream come true. Wearing a dress the way you imagined it is a big temptation. However, we note that there is an increase in interest on the part of brides in opting for used wedding dresses. Online searches for wedding dresses that include the words “vintage”, “used” or “second hand” collectively increase 38% year on year.

We went to chat with Daniela and Rafaela from Redress Noiva, a second-hand wedding dress studio in Brasília, to share a little bit of everything you, the bride, need to know to choose your second-hand wedding dress. Their brand emerged as a cry to the collaborative economy in the midst of weddings and we have already become fans.

What is a Second Hand Wedding Dress?

It is that dress that has already been worn by another bride, has a perfect state of conservation and is a current model, thus allowing the continuity of a story and a new opportunity for the piece.

Are Vintage Dresses Also Considered Second Hand?

Vintage dresses (aged 20 or over) can be considered used or second hand. The great advantage of them is that they were made with material of incredible quality – imagine the pure silk, embroidery and the lace of the past decades – and built with perfection, so much that, if they were made today, they would cost a small fortune. Vintage also includes haute couture dresses from famous designers, at very low prices. When choosing a vintage dress you get a lot of quality for a percentage of the real value.

3 Good Reasons to Choose a Used Wedding Dress

1) It’s good for the planet

The newlyweds who are getting married now are very aware of the damage they do to the planet and are actively trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. When we launched our super post on wedding trends in 2020, we almost broke the internet by stating that ecological weddings are not a trend, they are a reality and part of the lifestyle . To give you an idea, the search for weddings with little waste grew 235% on  Pinterest.

By making everyone stay in lockdown, COVID-19 ( see our post on the subject HERE ) made the couple pay even more attention to ways to reduce the ethical and environmental impact of their consumption at home, which is reflecting in a new way of living and this, for sure, will reflect in their marriages. One of the ways to decrease the carbon footprint of the big day is not to invest in a wedding dress that will only be worn once in a lifetime.

2) The Cost Benefit

There is no denying the cost and how much your budget will thank you for choosing a second-hand dress. It will make a big difference in your wedding financial spreadsheet. “ A very relevant reason is the value you invest in a second-hand piece, considering the real market value of the product. The second-hand piece will always have a higher cost-benefit. ”

Of course, prices are influenced by the designer and the age of the dress, but they usually have a good discount on the original retail price. “Today, a second-hand dress in Brazil can cost up to 60% cheaper than a new model. This percentage can vary widely and is performed individually with each dress. It depends on many factors, such as the year of purchase, the brand, fabrics, model, and especially the state it is in, ”says Rafaela da Redress Noiva.

3) Sentimental Value

“Redefine the dresses in a movement of sonority from bride to bride. It is to continue stories, feelings and moments so that they impact life. ”

The sentimental pleasure of seeing a dress reborn in this way only increases when it belongs to a family member.