{Useful Tips} How to choose the type and style of your ideal wedding

Wedding Style: which one is yours?

When it comes to style, it can go from folk to classic, going through vintage, rustic, boho, modern, romantic, minimalist, themed or tropical industrial. Today we’ll show you them all!

You will definitely find one (or two, or three) looks you just love. It’s okay to combine more than one. Just so you can have an idea of ​​how it is okay to combine everything, you can have an industrial wedding in the city, an elopement on the beach, a home wedding in the countryside or a modern mini wedding, for example. Wedding consultants and decorators are there to make your dream come true, whatever it may be!

The style of the wedding is the first step to be taken after choosing the location of the ceremony and party, as it will serve as a guide, the theme for all items and details of the wedding.

We know how laborious it can be to select so many inspirations and trends that look great!

-> Pencil Tip: the personality of the bride and groom must always be present and be reflected in the style of the wedding.

Types of wedding

Wedding in the countryside

Country weddings are a darling here in Pencil. Brides love it and so do we! Not for less, right? Saying YES in daylight, close to nature, with birds singing, enjoying contact with family and friends for longer, watching the sunset with a blue sky in the background and wonderful photos with inspiring scenarios is very romantic! Lorena and Junia tell everything about weddings in the countryside in this video here, on our YouTube channel.

In addition to the magnificent farms, we are seeing many grooms looking for special outdoor corners such as ruins, bridges, or mountain tops, which provide unforgettable moments. Our pinter paste is full of bonus inspirations, come on!

You just need to remember whether these rural areas and old buildings may need to be transformed into an appropriate place for parties. The logistics for these weddings are different and there are factors that cannot be controlled, such as the weather, for example.

Give a hello here  that has everything you need to know to have a wedding in the countryside! Enjoy and be inspired by beautiful weddings in the countryside that have already passed through the blog.

Beach Wedding

Sand, sun, and noise from the sea: a perfect recipe for a beach wedding full of good energy! They can happen either with a foot in the sand, in a wooden structure facing the sea, or on the deck of party space, such as hotels or restaurants in coastal cities. Check out our tips and inspirations for a beach wedding in this amazing video.

The beach is the perfect setting for the more relaxed grooms, who like the ocean, feel the foot in the sand, and a gentle breeze. It is important to remember that the sea is the star of the party. The decoration should be designed to let the sea and the blue sky invade the party, here are some inspirations. Now, as in any outdoor wedding, you need to follow some basic rules so that problems such as time, climate, temperature, etc., do not disturb the day, okay?

Outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are a must-have, no matter if it is in the countryside, on the beach, in the garden at home or in an urban center. Getting married outdoors has the advantage of an exuberant backdrop: contact with nature, the blue sky, and clouds, or if the bride and groom opt for an urban wedding; all the architecture of the city, the concrete, the graffiti walls and the streets of the metropolises. This option is perfect for grooms who want to make the union official in a more relaxed and charming ceremony, running away from traditional protocols.

Urban wedding

For newlyweds who identify with urban culture, the best tip we have to give for your urban wedding is to enjoy all the good that the city offers. What is not lacking in large and small cities are gastronomic novelties – like food trucks, candy carts, different desserts, and have very inspiring scenarios: old houses full of history, charming restaurants, and intimate bistros for all kinds of ceremonies.

There are more and more couples who prefer more intimate, simple, modern ceremonies and in more unusual spaces, in central locations in cities. Getting married in the city has some advantages: the bride and groom and guests are within their comfort zone. It is easier to plan and organize and suppliers are all close by.

Here at Pencil, you have everything you need to know to make an urban wedding! Get inspired by beautiful weddings in the city, in buffets, restaurants, and bistros that have already been on the blog.

Elopement Wedding

Elopement wedding is a wedding style that we love here at Pencil because it is the most intimate and romantic of weddings, a moment only for the bride and groom. It happens when the couple chooses to travel to say YES without the presence of guests. This does not mean that you cannot invite anyone, but the guests will be only a few members of the family (father, mother, and siblings) and a friend who is very close. Remember a little destination wedding, right?

The word  Elope in English means to run away from somewhere and not return to your point of origin. She appeared in 1338 defining the act of a woman abandoning her marriage to escape with her lover. This definition took hold until 1800 when it came to mean the act of a couple fleeing to get married. Just take a look at these inspirations, they are wonderful! If we had to make a translation into our language, we could say that it is a marriage for two. Lorena explains exactly what is in this video on the YouTube channel.

This style of ceremony combines well with different types of couples: lovers who want an intimate and romantic ceremony, divorcees who want to remarry in less traditional ceremonies, or couples who end up opting for this format because of a limited budget.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Second Hand Dress On Your Wedding

Just like anything else, buying a used wedding dress has its pros and cons.

The Pros Of Wearing Second Hand Dress On Your Wedding

The price : 

The big advantage of used-or second-hand wedding dresses is that you can often find a wonderful one at a fraction of its original cost. Your dream wedding dress can be a bargain.

It was already worn on a very happy day : 

Wedding dresses were made to be worn on what is considered one of the happiest and most important days of life. It is a pity to leave such a beautiful piece hanging at the bottom of a wardrobe. We are in the era of consciousness that makes us rethink habits and attitudes and the circular economy is the alternative for the best relationship with the environment and with fashion.

Many opportunities : 

There are many offers of used wedding dresses and you may end up falling in love with a style, color or model that you never imagined before.

Be part of something bigger: 

Share stories and collaborate with fashion conscious people.

The Cons Of Wearing Second Hand Dress On Your Wedding

The price

Obviously, not all second-hand dresses are cheap. You need to think carefully if you prefer a dress from a famous brand because it is cheaper or if you prefer some other option (a new dress without a known brand, an upcycled dress, a handmade dress, or a line dress, etc.)

It has been used before: 

The reality is that second-hand wedding dresses have been used before. If exclusivity is an important factor for you, a second-hand dress is not the best choice. “For brides looking for an exclusive custom-made model, this is not on the second-hand market.”


Size restriction is one of the main cons. Wedding dresses are often made to suit a particular bride; therefore, finding one that fits your biotype correctly can be a problem. Here’s how to choose the ideal wedding dress for each body type.

-> Pencil Tip: one solution is to buy a used wedding dress bigger than your size and change it. However, this will incur change costs that you must plan for in your budget.

How to Buy or Rent a Used Wedding Dress?

Just like buying brand-new wedding dresses, you can find a used wedding dress by searching the Internet, visiting specialty stores, or opening your family’s women’s wardrobe.

Only you – looking at your own budget, your body, being realistic with your expectations, and sincere with your taste – will know which option is best for you.

Used Wedding Dresses Online

If you like a dress and are going to buy it on some website, we have some tips so that you don’t end up with a huge headache. Unfortunately, it happens, people! In fact, these rules apply to new dresses too, okay?

  1. The online purchase process will be done without any advice and will be at your own risk. Some sites have a very limited chat or advice, so don’t count on their efficiency at this time.
  2. Carefully review e-commerce references. Look at reviews, comments, and especially complaints. Read the exchange and return policy carefully.
  3. We have to talk about costs, right? In addition to the dress itself, you need to calculate shipping and the fact that your dress ends up at customs here and is taxed. Will you buy in dollar or euro? Don’t forget the quote and credit card taxes and fees.
  4. We know that people abuse Photoshop in e-commerce images. The published photos are always edited and corrected with filters, the piece is always different from the one you will receive. If possible, ask for detailed photos of the model you fell in love with, ask what type of fabric used and how the finish is. 
  5. Send your exact measurements, neither too big nor too small.
  6. This type of purchase requires a lot of advance notice. Imagine everything that can happen (delivery time + courier time + time to clear customs + time to make adjustments) to calculate how far in advance you will need to buy your dress.

Now talking specifically about second hand dresses:

  1. You will need a lot of time researching until you find the dress of your dreams.
  2. Be specific with your search terms: citing the brands or seasons associated with the style you want will help narrow your search to the most relevant items.
  3. Be flexible with the sizes, adjustments, and cuts of old and used wedding dresses can be very different from today, so don’t expect your usual size to be 100% equivalent to the piece. In addition, as it was used, it may also have been changed.
  4. Your dress will need adjustments. Most brides need to change their wedding dress after purchase, so don’t be alarmed by the idea of ​​having to change it to suit your body.
  5. Consider the condition of the part. More significant signs of wear and damage require more thought. Do not risk your money with worn, punctured, and stained items.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The beauty of shopping through a platform means that you have a direct line with the seller, where you can ask any questions you want.
  7. If you like the dress, buy it: vintage and used dresses are usually unique pieces.
  8. If possible, try similar models before buying online, to be sure of the fit.

What it is and why choose a second hand or vintage wedding dress?

Finding the dream wedding dress is finding an outfit to improve and reflect the person who wears it, no matter if they are new or if they already have a little more history. A second-hand wedding dress can be more economical, special and environmentally friendly.

Second-hand wedding dress, is it worth it?

Most of us would not think twice about borrowing, renting, or buying almost anything. Think about it: don’t you borrow a book or bag or rent a car?

Often cheaper, always more environmentally friendly, and full of stories, we are more than used to renting a beach house or receiving a wedding ring from a woman dear to the family, especially in recent years when several online platforms have made it easier than that we never share it all.

But when it comes to a second-hand wedding dress, opinion is divided. Not all brides see this option as a means of making their dream come true. Wearing a dress the way you imagined it is a big temptation. However, we note that there is an increase in interest on the part of brides in opting for used wedding dresses. Online searches for wedding dresses that include the words “vintage”, “used” or “second hand” collectively increase 38% year on year.

We went to chat with Daniela and Rafaela from Redress Noiva, a second-hand wedding dress studio in Brasília, to share a little bit of everything you, the bride, need to know to choose your second-hand wedding dress. Their brand emerged as a cry to the collaborative economy in the midst of weddings and we have already become fans.

What is a Second Hand Wedding Dress?

It is that dress that has already been worn by another bride, has a perfect state of conservation and is a current model, thus allowing the continuity of a story and a new opportunity for the piece.

Are Vintage Dresses Also Considered Second Hand?

Vintage dresses (aged 20 or over) can be considered used or second hand. The great advantage of them is that they were made with material of incredible quality – imagine the pure silk, embroidery and the lace of the past decades – and built with perfection, so much that, if they were made today, they would cost a small fortune. Vintage also includes haute couture dresses from famous designers, at very low prices. When choosing a vintage dress you get a lot of quality for a percentage of the real value.

3 Good Reasons to Choose a Used Wedding Dress

1) It’s good for the planet

The newlyweds who are getting married now are very aware of the damage they do to the planet and are actively trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. When we launched our super post on wedding trends in 2020, we almost broke the internet by stating that ecological weddings are not a trend, they are a reality and part of the lifestyle . To give you an idea, the search for weddings with little waste grew 235% on  Pinterest.

By making everyone stay in lockdown, COVID-19 ( see our post on the subject HERE ) made the couple pay even more attention to ways to reduce the ethical and environmental impact of their consumption at home, which is reflecting in a new way of living and this, for sure, will reflect in their marriages. One of the ways to decrease the carbon footprint of the big day is not to invest in a wedding dress that will only be worn once in a lifetime.

2) The Cost Benefit

There is no denying the cost and how much your budget will thank you for choosing a second-hand dress. It will make a big difference in your wedding financial spreadsheet. “ A very relevant reason is the value you invest in a second-hand piece, considering the real market value of the product. The second-hand piece will always have a higher cost-benefit. ”

Of course, prices are influenced by the designer and the age of the dress, but they usually have a good discount on the original retail price. “Today, a second-hand dress in Brazil can cost up to 60% cheaper than a new model. This percentage can vary widely and is performed individually with each dress. It depends on many factors, such as the year of purchase, the brand, fabrics, model, and especially the state it is in, ”says Rafaela da Redress Noiva.

3) Sentimental Value

“Redefine the dresses in a movement of sonority from bride to bride. It is to continue stories, feelings and moments so that they impact life. ”

The sentimental pleasure of seeing a dress reborn in this way only increases when it belongs to a family member.

14 Golden Tips for Organizing a Minimalist and Sustainable Wedding

You know that we here on the blog believe in purposeful weddings, based on love and respect, with more conscious choices for our planet and our community. We raised the flag and removed sustainable marriage from the list of wedding trends to elect it as a REALITY present in our lives. What does this have to do with minimalist weddings? Keep reading that you will understand.

More essence, less excesses

A minimalist wedding, first of all, follows the line “more essence, fewer excesses”. Instead of eliminating details (as the style is often interpreted), the focus of a minimalist style wedding is the bride and groom, in space and decoration that does not sin by exaggeration. Anyone who thinks this style is simple and cheap is wrong. As the elements are few and stand out, everything has to be of excellent quality and impeccable fit.

For this reason, this style of marriage is all about sustainability, they could even go hand in hand. Here are some valuable tips on how to organize a sustainable minimalist wedding.

What is a Minimalist Wedding?

The phrase that best represents the thinking of those who choose to perform a minimalist wedding is that of Einstein who says that “ simplicity is the ultimate degree of elegance ”. Decades later, following the same line of thought, Japanese guru Marie Kondo – who became a phenomenon after the launch of a series on Netflix – “preaches to analyze her things one by one, throw away everything that“ does not bring joy ”and fix thoroughly what is left ”.

Minimalism was born in several artistic movements of the 20th century, whose aim was to use a few elements as the basis of expression. The focus of minimalism is to create from the minimum, working with a few strategic pieces to achieve the goal. It is basically using the minimum to achieve the maximum.

Choosing Your Style

A minimalist wedding usually manifests itself in a few ways. Remember when we comment here, in the post on how to choose the ideal type and style of wedding, that you will find one (or two, or three) styles that have your face, and that it is okay to combine more than one? Minimalism is the same, minimalism can also be organic, industrial, rustic, modern, or romantic. And yes, minimalism can go hand in hand with sustainability.

It is important to make it clear that, although minimalism is based on reducing and rethinking, it will also only be sustainable if the necessary measures are considered for it to be ecologically responsible, socially correct, and economically fair. Therefore, if you use materials or resources that are harmful to nature, your marriage will not be sustainable. To learn how to make a sustainable wedding, read our super completion post on the subject!

14 Golden Tips for Organizing Your Wedding

  1. Since the theme of the wedding is sustainable minimalism, your guest list should follow the same style: less is more. Opt for a mini wedding or a micro wedding and invite only those closest to you.
  1. Reduce the number of printed items needed, from wedding invitations to menus and souvenir tags. Choose one or two that you want, like the invitation, and abuse the internet. Save the date digitally is more and more common, and make a wedding website to put all the pertinent information to the best day of your life as well.
  1. Everything that makes up the decoration has a function beyond aesthetics. It is important to make it clear that a sustainable wedding will not necessarily be minimalist and vice versa, but most people who are engaged in sustainability are also minimalist and give preference to these styles and formats of events.
  1. Opt for floral structures and arrangements without floral foam, using timeless and sustainable techniques. Locally grown flowers are great for bees. To know a little more about the subject and to know why floral foam is one of the great villains of nature, read our post here.
  1. Make your choices based on reducing and rethinking, always opting for conscious consumption, and with quality of what is really essential and has a function.
  1. In a ceremony, a minimalist look points the attention exactly to where the bride and groom should be. And at the reception, it allows the natural beauty and light of the place to shine.
  1. Minimalist weddings may or may not be more affordable. It depends on the choices of the items that will compose. Remembering that when we talk about sustainability, we talk about fair price, that is, that it is financially viable both for those who hire the service and for those who provide it.
  1. Choose a place with natural landscaping or with a different architecture, that has to do with your style.
  1. Create interesting contrasts with organic and geometric elements.
  1. No event is complete without  proper lighting to create the desired mood .Opt for daylight or, if needed, candles, Where electric lighting is used, make sure it uses LEDs to save energy.
  1. When shopping for a wedding dress or suit (which can be worn or vintage), look for styles with a clean silhouette. Minimalist weddings aim to clean up the visual clutter – so stick to solid colors or soft, delicate motifs.
  1. Choose gastronomy suppliers that use local and / or organic and seasonal ingredients for their menu. Opting for a vegan or vegetarian menu also reduces the environmental impact. If this is too drastic for you, try to balance the menu so that it is 50% vegetarian. This helps a lot!
  1. The coolest and most sustainable wedding favors are those that guests can enjoy later.
  1. When making the wedding gift list, avoid asking for gifts that you don’t need or won’t use. Instead of asking for a lot of things typical of wedding lists, think of useful and environmentally friendly products from sustainable and local companies.

7 Important Clauses For a Contract With Marriage Suppliers

Formalizing negotiations with suppliers is a very important step in wedding preparations. But because there are several complex issues involved, many couples may have doubts about contracts with wedding suppliers. To give you more security when closing deals, lawyer Gisele de Pinho Tavares Filla told us about 7 important clauses for a contract! Check out.  

Even though it is not essential to have a written document formalizing the contract between grooms and suppliers, a contract guarantees greater security to those involved!

“In this sense, it is recommended that the bride and groom always formalize negotiations with suppliers through the contract, especially considering that the organization of a wedding presupposes countless suppliers and, therefore, multiple legal relationships. After all, nobody wants to have problems involving the big day ”, explains Gisele.

Attention grooms: even with the contract, it is still possible to have some headaches. Even so, the existence of this document minimizes and prevents some problems.

 “To further reduce the risks, it is important that the bride and groom are assisted by a lawyer they trust to sign a contract,” advises the lawyer.

Object of the contract

First, it is necessary for the contract to state what its object is, that is, what the purpose of that contract is. For example personalized wedding ceremony celebration service. 

Wedding information

Another point that cannot be missing from the contract is the main information about the wedding: date, time, location and how long the service lasts at the wedding. 

Obligations and duties

“In addition, it is essential to establish the obligations and duties of both parties in the contractual relationship. In this clause, the object of the contract will be better detailed and detailed ”, explains the lawyer.


The contract needs to determine the value of the service/product that was contracted and also how it will be paid. Gisele details:

“It is also important to clarify whether the amounts will be paid in cash or in installments, whether there will be a deadline for payment, entry requirements, late payment interest, monetary correction index, and a late penalty. In the case of payment in installments, it is recommended to indicate how many they are, the value of each one, and the dates of the respective maturities ”.  


To ensure that the service will be performed, the lawyer recommends that the contract has a penal clause, referring to the fine that will be applied to the party that breaches or even delays the fulfillment of the obligation.

“The amount of the fee imposed in the penal clause cannot exceed the amount of the principal obligation”, says Gisele.


“The parties can choose the forum that will be competent to assess any legal disputes that may exist related to the contract,” says Gisele.


In order to give strength to the contract, it is necessary that in addition to the bride and groom, the contract must also be signed by two witnesses.  

+1 TIP

It is clear that in addition to the 7 clauses, grooms and suppliers can establish other requirements. For example: if the wedding is in a city other than that of the supplier, the service provider may contract the cost of transportation, accommodation, food and present who will be responsible for paying these expenses.

Marriage Contracts & Coronavirus

The new coronavirus pandemic took everyone by surprise and impacted several legal relationships. Since the beginning of the pandemic, is that the bride and groom do not cancel the wedding but rather, together with the suppliers, seek to preserve the contract. Gisele warns that at times like this “it is necessary for contractors to review the contractual provisions and, based on good faith, cooperation, contractual loyalty and honoring the social function of the contract, jointly design the best solution for this new imposed context, in order to minimize negative effects and losses. ”

The lawyer also says that in situations like this, it is possible for suppliers to slightly increase the payment term for the bride and groom.

“As the pandemic has brought economic damage to some people, it is possible that, in the face of financial difficulties, the creditor will grant a moratorium to the debtor, that is, the term for payment of the debt will be extended, aiming, above all, at maintaining the business. It is even possible that, in view of the inevitable need for contractual termination, there may be an agreement to release payment of any fines fixed in the contract, in view of the exceptional situation of COVID-19.”